Travel Health Advice

Travellers need to be aware of the specific risks that might affect them while they are away from home. 

The most frequent infectious disease among travellers is traveller’s diarrhoea. It affects at least 20% of visitors to the third world and can affect over 60% of travellers to certain destinations. Those staying with friends and relatives have a different risk from tourists. Among tourists, the risk depends on whether you are trekking, staying in a plush hotel or sailing in and out again on a cruise liner.

Malaria is the next most common infection and arguably the most important one worldwide. It can affect up to 4% (1 in 25) of people visiting West Africa if they do not use anti-malarial drugs as part of their prevention.

Other infectious diseases include influenza (flu), dengue fever, rabies from animal bites and scratches, tuberculosis, hepatitis and typhoid fever. 

Accidents are the most frequent cause of death in visitors to developing countries. 0.001% (1 in 1000) of travellers to these countries suffer a fatal accident. Non-fatal accidents are, of course, more frequent than this.

Jabs2go is our travel health service. Please note that we are a commercial medical service and charge for consultations, vaccines and medications. We endeavour to respond to enquiries within one business day. We can generally provide appointments within three business days. We particularly welcome inquiries from businesses requiring corporate travel health advice, but are equally happy to provide advice to private individuals going on holiday. 

Our pricing is clear and transparent. There are no unannounced extras to surprise you. Once you know what you’re going to have, you can check the price here. We are not presently registered for VAT.

Although we hire clinical premises from the NHS, we are entirely unconnected with them and cannot offer any NHS services or prescriptions.

You may be able to get some vaccines on NHS prescription from your GP. There is guidance here about what your GP is permitted to offer to travellers on the NHS.

Poliomyelitis, typhoid fever and hepatitis A vaccines are currently (2009) available on the NHS for travel overseas (whatever the purpose of travel).

Rabies vaccine is available on the NHS only for travellers working overseas whose occupation puts them at high risk of exposure to the virus.

Hepatitis B, meningococcal vaccines, Japanese encephalitis, tick-borne encephalitis, and yellow fevervaccines are not normally available on the NHS for overseas travel. Your GP may charge for these vaccines (including an administration fee), or may refer you to a specialist travel clinic such as Jabs2go.

Yellow fever vaccines are only available from designated centres and we are not currently authorized. Your GP, or the National Travel Health Network and Centre ( can help you find an alternative provider.

Our price list is below. We do not charge an administration fee on top of the vaccine charge. We do charge a fee for consultations, but will set this off against any vaccines that you then purchase from us.

We can offer discounts to groups of people travelling together to the same destination and requiring similar cover.

Per dose Doses needed

£ 59.00   2   Hepatitis A Vaccine
£ 45.00   3   Hepatitis B Vaccine
£ 37.00   1   Typhoid injection
£ 55.00   1   Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio
£ 68.00   2   Chicken pox/Varicella
£ 55.00   1   Meningitis ACWY
£ 27.00   1   Flu Vaccine
£ 45.00   1   Pneumococcal pneumonia
£ 63.00   3   Rabies Vaccine
£ 67.00   3   Japanese encephalitis
£ 70.00   3   Tick borne encephalitis
£ 62.00   2   Cholera (Dukoral) 2 pack

£ 60.00   Travel Consultation – discounted against other purchases
£ 80.00   Returned Traveller Assessment per half hour

£ 20.00   Private prescription

£ 25.00   Hepatitis A immunity test
£ 40.00   Hepatitis B immunity test
£ 40.00   Blood Group test

Published on  July 5th, 2011